Group Programs

Puppy Kindergarten
Group puppy kindergarten is for pets between 9 weeks and 5 months. Puppies begin to learn from the day they arrive at your house. This is a fun way to get started on the right foot. The age between 6 & 16 weeks is an important time for your dogs for your dog's development, with people and other animals, and can't be simply replaced later on. The class provides a place for puppies to socialize and learn puppy obedience (sit, down, stay, come). Techniques to help housebreaking, chewing, puppy biting, and prevention of other future problems. You will also learn methods of non-physical discipline.

Adult Companionship
Group adult companionship is for dogs six months and over. You will learn basic commands including (sit, down, sit/stay, down/stay, heel, go to your place, and off). Topics such as digging, barking, spaying/neutering, and developing a better relationship will be addressed. Your dog will learn with positive motivation without the use of choke chains.

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Private Programs

In Home Private Training
In home private training allows for an individually tailored program to help your puppy or dog. This program is especially helpful for people who find it difficult to schedule attendance in group classes. Specific training or behavior problems which cannot be solved in a group setting, may also be addressed.

Behavior Problem Solving Consultations
Behavior Problem Solving Consultations are for evaluating and designing a specific course of action to modify a problem behavior your pet is having, such as: destructiveness, digging, excessive barking, house breaking, jumping on furniture, etc.

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